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Shenzhen Fuzel Industrial Ltd is one of the leading developers, manufacturers and suppliers of Multifunctional Module products for cabinets, furniture and buildings etc.
Fuzel has many series and more than 20 kinds of Multifunctional Module products. “FUZEL” is a registered famous trademark. The products are selling well in Europe, America, Canada, Australia, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia. And these products are also widely adopted by the excellent and famous enterprises in furniture and decoration industries in China.
  • Type 86 socket
  • Product name:Type 86 socket

    Product class:Wall outlet

    Brief description:Product No: FZW-A860A-WH Product name: Type 86 socket Configuration: 2,2 & 3 joint power socket Color: White The rated voltage: 250 V/frequency 50 Hz Rated current: 10 A Stress test: the 2000 V; W...


  • HDMI desktop socket
  • Product name:HDMI desktop socket

    Product class:FZW-A001 Series

    Brief description:Product Part No:FZW-A001CVH-SL Product Name:HDMI desktop socket Product Series:FZW-A001 Series (Can required customization) Standard configuration: 1 X Universal power socket 1 X VGA 1 X HDMI (...


  • Nine screen socket
  • Product name:Nine screen socket

    Product class:FZW-A018 Series

    Brief description:Product Part No:FZW-A018A3-SL Product Name:The new outlet screen Product Series:FZW-A018 Series Standard configuration: Three groups of can choose A function keys (Available at the following func...


  • Nine cabinet socket PDF
  • Product name:Nine cabinet socket PDF

    Product class:FZW-A012 Series

    Brief description:Product Part No:FZW-A012A3-BK Product Name:PDU Outlets Product Series:FZW-A012 Series Standard configuration: 4 X Multi-function power outlets 1 X Network (DATA) 1 X Phone jack(RJ11) 2 X USB ...


  • Desktop electric outlet
  • Product name:Desktop electric outlet

    Product class:FZW-A003 Series

    Brief description:Product Part No:FZW-A003A-BK Product Name:Desktop electric outlet Product Series:FZW-A003 Series Standard configuration: 2 X Three-pole multi-function power outlets, 2XNetwork jacks (Available a...


  • Pull-up Multifunctional Module
  • Product name:Pull-up Multifunctional Module

    Product class:FZW-A008 Series

    Brief description:Product Part No:FZW-A008A-BK-03H Product Name:Pull-up Multifunctional Module Product Series:FZW-A008 Series Standard configuration: 2 X Multifunction power outlets 1 X Network(Data)Jack Rj45 ...




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